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South Florida Time and Temperature Service has provided the correct time and temperature since World War II.  Every month, 305-324-8811, 954-748-4444 and 954-324-8811 are dialed by Miami-Dade and Broward County residents who have relied on our accurate time and temperature for years.
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Captive Audience

South Florida Time and Temperature is a unique advertising resource that offers a captive audience for your advertising message. Your prospective clients are dialing into our service every day! With an advertising message included on every telephone call, Time/Temperature has proven to be an effective form of advertising for a wide variety of businesses.

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Advertising messages are included on all incoming telephone calls from people seeking the current time and temperature. Your advertising always runs BEFORE the time and temperature, assuring you a captive audience. It's that simple!

During our busy periods, your advertisement will be heard by one of our callers every few seconds. During our slower periods, such as in the middle of the night, your message will be heard several times per minute.

Who Calls?

What with the internet and smart phones, who calls Time and Temperature? In South Florida, unlike other communities in America, Time and Temperature by phone became a local tradition long ago. People in South Florida have had a Time and Temperature habit for years! Today, people call because our temperature readings are timely and accurate, to the second! Some of our callers are not internet-connected, some don’t rely on cellphones, some are elderly and some are handicapped, requiring their information audibly. Time and Temperature by phone is a vital, dependable local service.

Who Advertises?

Some of our more recent advertisers include attorneys, a psychiatrist, taxi companies, religious institutions, play promoters, private high schools, cemeteries, auto dealers, a specialty ice cream store, a business directory, medical testing firms, the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County.

Our Facilities

The Miami facility is located directly south of Miami International Airport in an ultra-secure telephone central office. Our temperature sensor is yards from the National Weather Service's official Miami airport sensor, so our live temperature readings usually match or come awfully close to the MIA official temperature. In Broward, our precise temperature sensor is located in Coral Springs. Our temperature-sensing device samples the temperature several times each minute. With precision accuracy, the temperature is measured to one-tenth of each degree!


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